Taylor Momsen Reveals Big Name LGBTQ Photo


The Pretty Reckless songstress Taylor Momsen took to social media via Instagram to share this throwback photo of her with another very attractive young woman. This photo is as sultry and sexy as Taylor is and you can view it below. Taylor Momsen bends in newly released tight outfit photo.

In other news revolving Taylor Momsen, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of the Pretty Reckless’ most landmark albums – Light Me Up. One fan noted: “Taylor Momsen shines on this debut album by her band “The Pretty Reckless.” Though rock music can oftentimes be found stale from an over-saturated market and radio, The Pretty Reckless brings a new take to the genre with as much ease as The Beatles brought to their own sound. “Light Me Up” is a collection of hard-hitting songs that both showcase grand musicianship and extraordinary vocal work by Ms. Taylor Momsen herself. Though she was known for her acting, such as in Dr. Suess’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Gossip Girl, Taylor is reinvented here as a woman ready to take the world head-on. Her growling and eerie vocals leave a haunting echo in the listener’s heart, as she sings both personal and sometimes twisted lyrics over smashing drums and dirty guitars.

Taylor Momsen pink swimsuit photo at beach revealed. The fan continued: “Stand out tracks include the songs “Miss Nothing” and “Just Tonight” – two songs that though polar opposites almost in lyrical themes, offer the same melody-driven groove that gets retained in your mind long after listening. The idea that rock and roll are dead obviously wasn’t known to The Pretty Reckless, “Light Me Up” is proof that rock music with high intelligence is not only plausible but executable.”

Taylor Momsen was recently caught sleeping with ‘lover’ in photo. The fan concluded: “Taylor Momsen is a stand out singer and front runner, offering the perfect blend of classical vocals with rough around the edges growling. She’s confident, driven and a talented lyricist that only helps to push the pleasantries of the music. With “Light Me Up” being a debut, it’s clear there’s a lot more to be had from this band, and each follow-up is only destined to be better.”