Greta Van Fleet Rescue Bandmate From Horrible Fall


Greta Van Fleet have uploaded a hilarious photo of Danny Wagner rescuing one of the Kiszka brothers from a fall on a rock to social media. The rumored release of a new Greta Van Fleet single, and a big name record executive’s major second album announcement, were revealed earlier this week.

loveme1234567890 wrote on the band’s Reddit that with new material he worries Greta Van Fleet could become the next Nickelback, “I’m worried Greta Van Fleet will be the next Nickelback. I love them but more and more people are starting to hate on them, saying they are ripoffs and garbage music etc. I don’t like this.”

DropTheeClutch responded, “Nickelback is extremely quantized and formulaic. It’s why their songs tend to blur together. Computerized, capitalistic, commercialistic, pop trendy generic BS for the most part buuut they still do have to play it live and do play their instruments and have decent rhythm. That’s the beauty of rock, it takes some amount of talent regardless. It’s a trend to hate on them for the most part.

Theory of a Deadman is the next NB. That being said, GvFs ceiling is much higher with the rawness you hear on their records – it’s mesmerizing compared to most modern music and they play it live just as well. It’s REAL and far superior.” Howard Stern reacted to an awful Greta Van Fleet and Robert Plant announcement a couple of weeks ago.