Howard Stern Stunned By Eerie Chris Cornell Email


On Howard Stern’s summer vacation show, he discussed Chris Cornell and played a tribute to Eric the Actor who died a few years ago. He revealed that former show cast general manager Tom Chiusano sent him a sad email about Chris Cornell, Eric the Actor, and Warren Zevon. Howard Stern recently revealed a stunning Jimi Hendrix paycheck. recapped: Howard said he has to play High Pitch Erik calling Eric as Kelly Clarkson whenever he talks about Eric. He played the phony phone call Erik made to Eric as Kelly. Eric knew it was High Pitch. Howard said he could go on and on with that.

He said it’s always important to remember Eric the Actor. He said he could have whipped out more stuff but he tries to bring in different moments. Robin said the beauty of him was that he was self generating. Howard said he left very tiny shoes to fill and they’re very hard to fill. He said he was listening to Warren Zevon’s song he did when he was dying. He said he got an email from Tom Chiusano and he woke up to that.

He said that he was talking about Chris Cornell and Tom said he was on YouTube and sent him a link of Warren Zevon. He said he wanted to jump out the window. He said maybe it’s nice to leave with this song and Eric. He played the song ”Keep Me In Your Heart.” They went to break after that. Eddie Vedder played “Keep Me In Your Heart” at the Kennedy Center Honors for David Letterman in November 2017 after Chris Cornell’s death. Eddie Vedder recently discussed Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington’s deaths with a big name.