Greta Van Fleet Reveal Why They’re ‘Influential’ Like Led Zeppelin


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner discussed the band influencing younger bands now, much like Led Zeppelin influenced bands who came after them, in a new Orlando Sentinel interview.

Q: As a quartet, do you write collaboratively?

A: For the most part. Everyone writes on their own and then we come together. But the song on its own is a product of four-way collaboration … We always have guitars lying around and there’s always something coming through. I suppose that’s an advantage of ours, we never seem to be lacking any material.

Q: Do you work on the music before the lyrics?

A: Yes, and that really helps dictate what the meaning of the song really is.

Q: You have been noted for your influences, from Led Zeppelin to The Who. Does it strike you now that other musicians are now listening to you and wanting to model themselves after you?

A: We were aware of the fact that we were going to be influential mainly to young musicians. That seems to be the chain or evolution of how music works and will always work. But yeah, that was another thing that we didn’t expect to hit yet at the stage that we are now.