Greta Van Fleet Singer Shows Backside, Did He Have Accident?


Greta Van Fleet have uploaded a photo of singer Josh Kiszka taking a massive jump onstage, with a backside view of him. Fans pointed out that they’re surprised he didn’t split his tight pants with his rock star move in Instagram comments. Greta Van Fleet were recently photographed at a bar with a beautiful woman.

peacefulkiszka commented:

“sometimes i wonder how you do that without splitting your pants because i don’t even think i can do that BDKSFNSKFN and also are you like antigravity or is it just the angle???”

t.alia wrote:

“how long til those pants split?”

celebrityequity said:

“That’s a David Lee *Diamond Dave* Roth (VanHalen) kinda jump, right there!”

landwithmagic commented:

“Y’all killed it yesterday, as always, and I can’t wait for you to keep bringing the march into the hearts of so many people worldwide 🌟🌹”

miaashleighsmead commented, “Even though Josh is like 5 feet tall, I feel like he could dunk a basketball.”

predictablycapricious commented, “Okay but look at Joshua flying! He’s transcended!!!!”

Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka revealed in a recent Song River interview that he has a relative who plays ‘dirty’ harmonica.

“Our Uncle Dave on our mom’s side is always playing guitar, plays easy-going music like The Eagles, Gordon Lightfoot. My dad plays harmonica, he’s the best harmonica player I’ve ever heard in my entire life, he plays ‘dirty.’”

Song River also asked, “Coming from a town just shy of 5,000 folks (according to the 2010 census) the best thing Frankenmuth is known for is chicken dinners and Christmas, as Bronners is the tourist trap! First, what was it like growing up in the middle of America in a state known formerly for Detroit autos and many other things?”

Sam Kiszka responded, “Frankenmuth was a great place to grow up in every way. There are so many places in Michigan that are rich with history, especially Frankenmuth. I think that Detroit is in an upward spiral, maybe the next Nashville in a couple of years. If you go north of Frankenmuth, there are so much untouched forests and land, our souls run wild up there, the depth of the forests, the log cabins. And the acts that have come out of Detroit and Motown – MC5, Stevie Wonder, Grand Funk, Bob Seger, so many.”