Aerosmith Nearly Suffer Tragic Loss In Sad Video


A History Channel clip of a new Aerosmith episode of ‘American Pickers’ has been uploaded, and it features Steven Tyler and company finally being reunited with their tour van. On the way to driving the van to an Aerosmith ‘Deuces Are Wild’ show in Las Vegas, the van nearly has a horrific car accident. Fortunately they avoid it, and Aerosmith have a happy reunion with the tour van, as seen below. A surprising Steven Tyler and Michael Jackson story also recently surfaced.

Joe Perry and Brad Whitford discussed the Las Vegas residency in a new Guitar Player interview.

Guitar Player asked, “Back in the ’70s when Aerosmith were on the road constantly, I’m sure it would never have crossed your mind to think, Maybe one day we can just stay in the same place and have the audience come to us.”

Brad Whitford said, “Well, you know, we didn’t really mind the travel in those days. Being in your 20s and stuff, that’s a piece of cake. [laughs] You get older and it becomes a little more wear and tear.”

Joe Perry added, “And there are a lot of benefits beyond that, like not having to worry about different sound every night, the monitor mix in this building or that building, whether there’s an echo in the room. You can just focus on the music. And because of that, we’re able to do things here we wouldn’t normally do onstage, like have a horn section and strings.”