Greta Van Fleet Three Person Kiss Photo Revealed


Just after news of the new Greta Van Fleet song “Always There” leak, a lucky female Greta Van Fleet fan was kissed by two members of the band in a new photo. gretavanfleetmich wrote, “The boys with fans!! 😍😍 Also does anyone know who the girl is that is in the 5th photo? She looks familiar. 📷 (credit to the photographers)🌹 follow @gretavanfleetmich (me) for more!!” army_from_the_fires commented, “Bro the fact that they’re that close with their fans gives me hope😂.” The third picture in the Instagram album shows the kiss. A Greta Van Fleet member took a hilarious facial hair photo yesterday.

A meme was recently posted on the Greta Van Fleet Reddit of an old man drinking coffee looking at a laptop. It says, “Greta Van Fleet gets bad press for ripping off Led Zeppelin music. Because Led Zeppelin never ripped off anyone’s music.”

catherded wrote, “Taken any time to compare the two? Listen to a Zep song then GVF sound of similar tempo. Just did it again yesterday. Plant has a more melodic voice within range, but Josh has more range in the lower register. Josh sounds fuller in the lower register, where Plant is whispy.”

GimmeCookiez said, “I love both. They are extremely similar. There’s no denying the obvious. I’m not saying they’re identical they are just similar. They also have the same guitar tones and even bass drum size as Zeppelin.”

PapBless chimed in, “It isn’t a rip off if they didn’t at all hide the fact that they weren’t their lyrics as well as the fact that plagiarism wasn’t heavily prevented in the late 60’s and 70’s.”

ec_2727 commented, “Especially after hearing them live, Josh sounds more like Geddy Lee than Robert Plant lol, he did lose a lot of that after From the Fires. But there are still similarities. It’s all good stuff though and we can appreciate it all!” Howard Stern recently reacted to a sad Greta Van Fleet and Robert Plant cancelation.