John Lennon Love Letter To Surprising Man Revealed


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon and Yoko Ono writing a love letter to a mysterious man named Kevin has been revealed on Lennon’s social media channels. John Lennon’s final photo with Paul McCartney was revealed yesterday.

“TO KEVIN, 1969. Love is all. God is love. Christian or otherwise. love, John & Yoko.”

Lennon’s page also posted a protest photo, writing, “RED MOLE, 1971. Outside The Ritz in Pall Mall, John was handed a Red Mole front page advert, saying: ‘For the I.R.A. against British imperialism’.

He and Yoko had joined over a thousand protestors on the Ulster March – protesting the British policy and use of British troops in Northern Ireland – which took place in London on 11 August 1971. Joining the march were also people protesting the recent persecution of the editors of Oz magazine on obscenity charges.”

A John Lennon classic being banned for a disgusting reason was revealed earlier this week. Lennon’s last 1980 photoshoot, and what he might look like if he was alive today, was recently discussed on the Macca boards. Kestrel wrote, “Not wearing his specs and having lost weight and looking thinner in the face, I’ve never felt those last photos look like John. Of course it is him but not the JL that I remember from the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

John would be 78 now and I’ve occasionally found myself wondering what he would look like today had he still been alive?”

Beatles4Ever&Ever responded, “Yes, me too. His totally unexpected ‘appearance’ in “Yesterday” brought gasps from the audience….the unexpected, yes, but more so….the idea. The actor looked so much like John….maybe a little shorter and lacking John’s sense of humor….that I was struck at the idea that for a moment….if only in a film….we could imagine that John hadn’t been murdered.

It brought tears to my eyes. How might it all have been? That movie is much better, to me, than some critics seem to think….even some fans of the Beatles. I cannot imagine how my life would be/have been had there been no Beatles. We were forced to go there and it was like being in an empty space.” John Lennon called out of The Beatles hits ‘junk’ before he died.