Grunge Singer Announces ‘Bittersweet’ Retirement


Candlebox frontman Kevin Martin spoke about his decision to retire after the 30th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut album in 2023.

He recently joined in for an interview with “Paltrocast” host Darren Paltrowitz. Here is what he said (via Blabbermouth): “It’s been a great career and I’m just so grateful that our music has lasted for 30 years. It’s a strange feeling. It’s bittersweet knowing that I’m saying goodbye to this and I’m not sure how I’m gonna feel at that last strum of the guitar chords. But I made this decision and I discussed it with my wife and my son, and I discussed it with the guys in the band. And I think it’s the right decision and it’s the right time. And I’ll find plenty of things to keep me busy, that’s for sure. I love fishing, so I’m gonna do a lot of that.”

During the same interview, he was also asked how long ago he first started thinking about retiring from the road to which Kevin said: “I started talking about it in 2020 with my wife during COVID. I said, ‘If this doesn’t turn around too quickly, and I’m gonna be home for a little bit, what are your thoughts about me being home for a lot of bit?’ And we just really started talking about when would be the right time. And then also talking to the guys in the band about it. I wanted to make sure that they understood where I was coming from. I didn’t want them to feel like they didn’t have anything down the road. So I made sure [to tell them], ‘Listen, in three years, this is where we’re going to be. So I want you to start establishing yourselves and letting other bands know that you’re gonna be available.’ Because my band, anybody that gets Brian [Quinn, guitar], Island [Styles, guitar], BJ [Kerwin, drums] or Adam [Kury, bass] is going to be the luckiest band in the world because they’re four of the most incredible musicians I’ve ever had the opportunity of playing with and I want nothing but the best for them. So I’m putting the word out in all these interviews that you’ve got a band that’s coming your way. If you’re looking for somebody to fill in, these guys are the guys that you’re gonna wanna reach out to, because I can’t think of better musicians for anybody than the guys that I play with.”

Candlebox’s final studio album, “The Long Goodbye”, will arrive August 25 via Round Hill Records. The LP’s first single, “Punks”, is a cautionary message to young bands that they won’t be the hot new thing forever.

The band is currently on the road on their farewell tour, crossing the country until early fall with fellow rockers 3 Doors Down as direct support on their massive “Away From The Sun” amphitheater tour in addition to various headlining shows.