Watch Guns N’ Roses Debut Brand New Single Live


For the first time since releasing it as a single, Guns N’ Roses performed “Shadow Of Your Love” live. The song was originally written and performed during the Appetite for Destruction era, and is being featured on the 30th anniversary reissue.

They also covered Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” again, and Axl Rose’s voice sounds far more on point than during the Berlin debut performance. Fans in YouTube comments are praising the performance, especially compared to the first one.

Big Daddy Rikka commented: “Way better. Very noticeable.”

Pepe Silva commented: “Much better this time. Now he sings some parts with a lower tone and really makes it different.”

Sheri Peters commented: “2nd concert, no mic problems. Sounding great. Nailed it. GNR ROCKS.”

Steven Adler also revealed the plan he proposed for the 30th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction in a February 2017 interview with Mitch Lafon.

“I asked Slash if he would talk to Axl about that. Like in July it’s 30 years since Appetite came out. I was thinking why don’t we just do like 4 or 5 shows at the Hollywood Bowl, play Appetite from beginning to end, throw in ‘Civil War’ and something like ‘Patience.’ Record it, videotape it, that’s it, if that’s all you want to do. If Axl is happy after that, we could do more. But I thought that would be really cool, but that’s my idea. If it was up to me, it would be a different story.”

Adler had nothing but good things to say about Axl Rose as a performer.

“Axl fuckin rules, are you kidding me? He’s a fuckin’ rock god. His lyrics, how many people can put their feelings into words, and it’s so profound? Robert Plant, Steven Tyler back in the day, but Axl Rose is the main man of rock singing, and I love him.”