Guns N’ Roses Invited Drug Addict To Join Band


Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro recently made an appearance on a recent episode of the Guns N’ Roses-centric “Appetite For Distortion” podcast where he spoke about the fact that he nearly became a member of GN’R two decades ago after Izzy Stradlin’s departure from the Axl Rose-fronted group. Axl Rose had allegedly previously ‘destroyed’ a Guns N’ Roses employee’s property.

Dave Navarro revealed he did not join Guns N’Roses due to drug addiction

Navarro revealed that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose wanted him to join the band. He revealed having conversation with Rose about the ideas and the way they could work together. However, Navarro was not in a mental state to join the band. He revealed that he no showed an audition for the band. The Jane’s Addiction member revealed that he was immersed in drugs and that kept him away from joining the band.

Here is what he said:

“And we talked nearly every day about ideas and the way the band could work with me in it. [But] at that time in my life, I was just simply not present enough to do it. I had an audition with the band that I actually didn’t show up to because I was immersed in my drug addiction and I just simply couldn’t show up in that shape.”

He revealed that he tried getting into Red Hot Chili Peppers, which happened, and the band’s bassist Flea eventually joined Jane’s Addiction on their tour in 1997. Although Navarro never performed live with Rose, he played on the Guns N’ Roses song “Oh My God” which was a featured track on the soundtrack to the 1999 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “End Of Days”.

Navarro, best known for his longstanding role in Jane’s Addiction, joined Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1993 following the departure of John Frusciante. He played lead guitar on RHCP’s 1995 album “One Hot Minute” before leaving the band in 1998. He has also released two solo records, including 2001’s “Trust No One”.