Guns N’ Roses Ex-Drummer Drops Reunion Bombshell


Matt Sorum recently reunited with former Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan to record a new song called “Judgment Day.” He discussed the songwriting dynamic of both bands in a new Metal Sucks interview.

“I wrote more in Velvet Revolver than in Guns N’ Roses. I wrote a bunch of the songs with Revolver, but I can’t say it was the same in Guns; I mainly stuck to the drums there. With Revolver, I grew as a songwriter, but it was also a particular style of music that differed from Guns.

“I’d say Guns was more rhythmically up-tempo and more consistent in its punk flavor. So, those experiences certainly inform me to this day, but with this record, I think it will unfold as it goes. I’m not sure that I want to set things in stone to the point where I’m saying, ‘I’m only going to record this type of music all the time and nothing else.

“Having said that, it needs to be cohesive, so I’m going to try to record the rest of the music in the same studio as ‘Judgement Day.’ And obviously, I’m on drums, so that gives it some sonic resonance. At the very least, it’s going to have the same backbeat and all that kind of stuff.

“I won’t lock into anything or say it’s gonna sound like Guns N’ Roses or Velvet Revolver. But at the same time, I’m a rock guy, and I’d like to make a powerful record. So, the collaboration of what will go down in the next few months will be the most inspiring part.”

He said about possibly reuniting with Guns N’ Roses, after he and Izzy Stradlin have been completely absent since the 2016 relaunch, “Well, I don’t really know. I mean, look, you have to take things as they come, one day at a time, right? I’ve made a lot of changes to my life based on what’s good for me. And those changes are also about what’s right in the moment and also within the context of what’s happening for everyone that’s involved.

“I can tell you that I’m not sitting by the phone, waiting on a call to join Guns N’ Roses or anything like that. I’m moving forward with my life and enjoying it immensely.

“I love what I’m doing right now, and that’s good enough for me. But you never know. I’ve learned that in life, you never know, and I’ve learned never to say never because there’s no telling what twists and turns are around the bend. But I’m not waiting on it, and it’s all cool by me.”