AC/DC Member ‘Cancels’ 2020 Reunion For Sad Reason


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans recently reunited with Rob Bailey in a phone call, but he said it was impossible to do sooner due to the terrible Australian fires. Angus Young broke his silence on an AC/DC reunion tour recently.

“Just had a nice chat on the phone with my former AC/DC band mate and bass player, Rob Bailey. He had been holidaying on the south coast below Sydney here in Australia when things started getting hectic with the bush fires and he got out just in time and is now back in Western Australia. Had a lot of laughs and great to hear his voice again. We had wanted to catch up earlier but it was impossible with all the raging bush fires.”

Marcus Ahern commented, “Didn’t rob design the album cover fir the high voltage album overseas release.”

Dave Evans responded, “I don’t know, Marcus. I had split from the band then.”

Paul Mayo shot back, “He wasn’t in the band either at that point. International release was ‘76 and George Young and Mark Evans are credited with playing bass over that album.

Marcus Ahern added, “Except Rob played bass on several songs on that album, without a credit, remember that album came out much later than the songs were recorded. He also did some artwork somewhere that was used I recall.

Amy Blair concluded, “I think Chris Gilbey had something to do with the cover art, but I can’t recall whether he created the art or just the idea for it and someone else put it together.” Brian Johnson ‘refusing’ an AC/DC 2020 offer was just revealed.