18-Year Old Guns N’ Roses Fan Invited Backstage After Axl Rose Sees ‘Marry Me Axl’ Sign


In a feel good story, Axl Rose took notice of a fan at Guns N’ Roses’ show last week in Kansas City. The fan wrote on her Tumblr, “On June 29th, 2016, Axl Rose talked to me during the concert at Arrowhead Stadium. I had a sign that said, ‘Marry me, Axl. PS I’m 18.’ And he saw it and said, ‘Oh, that’s good.’ Then he continued to sing the next verse of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door while he sang down to me. Then he ran off toward the catwalk. He said to the crowd, “I just got a proposal. She had a sign that said, Marry me, Axl. It said, PS I’m 18. That’s good, that’s good.” I think it’s safe to say I can die a happy death. I LOVE YOU AXL ROSE.”

She later wrote, “Here I am, your Rocket Queeeeen ? No but seriously, here I am. With a tear-streaked face, looking like a hot mess. After Axl talked to me during Knockin on Heaven’s Door, a security guard took my sign away from me. THEN a member of the band’s security came up to me and pulled me to the fence right next to the stage and handed me that green bracelet. He said, ‘Put this around your wrist and you can come back stage after the concert.’ I had to ask him to repeat himself because I thought I was dreaming. Lol, so I started bawling and texting my friends and mom (who was at the concert but had to sit down because she wasn’t feeling well) and of course. My phone’s on 6%. It dies as soon as I took this picture. Unfortunately I never got to meet the guys but who can say they’ve been invited to the AfterShow at a GUNS N’ FUCKIN ROSES CONCERT? best night of my life. Hands down. Dream come true ? Still patiently waiting on an answer to my proposal from Axl ?”


Watch the video below, 6 minutes in Axl notices the sign.