Eddie Van Halen Confirms Big Name ‘Replacement’ Drummer


Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen revealed that he learned to play drums by listening to AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd’s “Highway to Hell” performance, and that his uncle Alex Van Halen did not teach him, nor is he playing drums on the new album that will carry on the legacy of the family. Eddie Van Halen just made a stunning new bassist announcement.

Myvettezr1 asked, “Any help from uncle Al on drums?” Wolfgang answered, “Nope.” Myvettezr1 said, “Did he teach you to play?” Wolfgang shot back, “Surprisingly not! My dad taught me the beat for Highway To Hell when I was 10 and I took it from there.”

Sammy Hagar and The Circle just announced a summer 2020 North American tour with Whitesnake and Night Ranger.

JRK5150 said about the venues on VHLinks.com, “It’s an interesting question. All three of them have been through Boston multiple times in the past couple of years. The Circle and Night Ranger just played a venue last May that’s 1/4 the size of where they’re going this year. Not sold out.

Whitesnake played that same 5k seat venue a year and a half ago opening for Foreigner and headlined an even smaller one a few years ago. Don’t believe sold out.

Night Ranger played a couple hundred seat theater up here a little over a year ago. Not sold out.

So really not seeing it how they’re going to do this. If you combine all of those separate shows, and even disregard those like me who went to all of them, it’s still just a half-full Xfinity Center…and that’s not even considering the casual fans who went and have no interest in going again.

The only reason I’ll go is that we’re getting to where any of these may be the last chance I get. Otherwise, I’d just go see Night Ranger play a full set in a tiny venue in March.” Sammy Hagar recently reacted to horrible Eddie Van Halen health rumors.