Guns N’ Roses Guitarist ‘Defends’ Greta Van Fleet


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke defended Greta Van Fleet in a new interview on the Hangin and Bangin podcast.

“I think the Greta Van Fleet case is just – because there’s such a small sample size of young rock bands, they’re going a little harsh on them.

“When I was young and I was buying records of whether it was Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, KISS or anyone else, I bought everything- every Foghat, Ted Nugent, I bought everything.

“I didn’t judge them too harshly, I was just so excited to get music, I think you got to be happy with the new young band making music.”

Clarke praised Rival Sons, “I think there’s some great bands out there right now, I think the band Rival Sons are incredible. They have a great sound, and their music, every record they’re getting better and better, let’s just rock ‘n’ roll, which is what we need.”

Asia frontman John Payne said about Greta, “Greta Van Fleet gets so much stick about how similar they are to Zeppelin. It’s like, it’s a lot better than if they were being a bloody DJ, so we all work from our influences. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber I think are the two.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed their comments.