Guns N’ Roses Icon Claims He Screwed Vince Neil’s Girlfriend


Mitch Lafon, the host of Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, has sent Alternative Nation the following statement from former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven about Motley Crue and The Dirt, where he makes some bold allegations.

Mr. Lefsetz …

makes some incontravertable observations.

However, i don’t remember him ‘being’ there either.

And I was.

Signed Motley to Greenworld, did the sales, promotion and marketing for that first record. One of the many unwanted sonic lepers I championed.

{Nikki loves to claim they ‘self released.’ Coffman brought the record in. I, and my young terrific staff, did the rest. The band were nowhere to be seen … they did not place it with Stark/Camelot, Pizza, Tower, Record Bar, Sam Goody or wherever. Making it look bigger than it truly was – some 15,000 units between the US and my UK retailers. They didn’t stuff promo envelopes. On Saturdays.]

Got it placed at Elektra. Steered them away from Virgin and my old boss and one of his ‘cases of cash’. [Bet Warrior wished I had done that for them – heres a hit that should have been].

Helped Zoots get his first A&R gig.

My point. Motley always were, in my modest and possibly wrong opinion, and are, shits. The film did not get what I know right. Its an exercise of selective memory and mythological propaganda. Standard Frank. Bob should have learned by now – Momma always said ‘don’t defen’ da devil, chile.’

I once had an affair with one of Vince’s girls. He surely fucked her up.

The finale of the story behind Zutaut’s date, trumpeted in both book and film, is truly tragic.

Bob usually has a really decent take on things. Here, he is way way off.

They don’t deserve or require his endorsement.