Guns N’ Roses Icon Makes Bold Nirvana Hit Claim


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke discussed Nirvana in a new Audio Ink Radio interview.

Wow, yeah, so I was actually going to ask the moment that you remember first hearing
‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ it sounds like you heard that whole thing way before other people.

“Yeah, I did, and to be honest, that song didn’t even stick out to me. It didn’t until later on when the videos and stuff came out.

“I heard the complete record and I thought it was a fantastic record, it sounded really good. Records didn’t sound like that back then so that’s what I thought was unique.”

You’re not the first person I’ve interviewed to say that. Other people from your era of music have also said, ‘When I heard it, I thought it was great.’ Even some of the ‘hair metal’ musicians I’ve talked with, they’re like, ‘We had no idea it would have anything to do with what we were doing, that’s a cool-sounding kind of rock record.’

“Yeah, I agree. And to be honest, I was getting a little bored of some of the music that was coming out.

“As someone who produces records, and I enjoy the sonic aspects of records, I was getting a little tired of the same old snare drum on every record, and ‘woo-woo’ solo. It was getting old, to be honest.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed the comments.