Pearl Jam Rumored 2022 Tour Dates Leak


Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club board are circulating new 2022 tour rumors.

JR225955 posted, “So… I’m sure this has probably been covered and I’m just late to the discussion, but now that I imagine we’re getting close to hearing new tour dates which will then require me to get my San Diego lodging and vacation plans dialed, I’m digging in.

If you look here you can see the list of shows –

Then if you look at how each venue is scheduled you get a pretty tight window as to when each show will be rescheduled – not the exact dates for sure – but within a week or two.

Example – I’m going to the SD show. Viejas Arena has PJ playing between acts that are already set for Dec 5, 2021 and April 5, 2022 – not a super clear range of dates. BUT – if you look at the Ball Arena show that’s just before my SD show, that’s happening between acts that are set to play Feb 27 and March 16. Then there’s the other bookend which is the Scotiabank show which seems to be taking place between March 14 and March 25. So looking at those outlier shows, my show will be between Feb 27 and March 25. But really I can chip away further at those dates as they include the other already scheduled acts’ dates and the DEN and ONT shows. So to recap – I’m gonna see PJ in SD in March – 100%… woohoo!

PJNB responded, “Nice find on your own! We have a whole thread on it FYI. If you put the city in it populates more shows narrowing the dates down even more. Most shows fall in the Mar 5th-8th timeline. It used to say TBD. Now it says TBA and has Pluralone for some shows as the opener.

The best bet is obviously winter/spring 2022. Some people are speculating of an outdoor shed tour for 2021 to go with the two festivals. I would have no issue with these shows jumping ahead of the reschedules since it is an outdoors tour and being done due to covid restrictions and arenas likely not being ready for the band yet. Others think that the US arena shows can fit in sometime in the fall after the fests. Both of these can happen. Will they though? I think probably not since no holds or rumours are flying around right now.

All we really have is QC head of Videotron Centre saying that there is an announcement coming soon for the QC show and it will fall in the Feb-Mar timeline. We also have what you mentioned above for March dates for the reschedules. Thats it.”