Guns N’ Roses Icon Reacts To ‘Bad’ Duff McKagan Shows


Gilby Clarke discussed Duff McKagan struggling with alcoholism in the 90’s, and compared Steven Adler and Matt Sorum, in a new Another F’n Podcast with Izzy Presley interview.

“I don’t really think it really is any different, because it’s a musical thing. Look, there was a point towards the end of that Guns N’ Roses tour, the ‘[Use Your] Illusion’ tour, where Duff was looking pretty ragged — [due to] the alcohol abuse. And granted, his playing wasn’t at its best, but I have played when he was at his best, even in those days.

“There’s a certain feel that Guns N’ Roses had about their music, and I just feel like when we play, it clicks. I had actually played with Steven [Adler, drums] before, so [the Rock Hall ceremony] wasn’t the first time playing with Steven. When Steven steps in, even though it’s songs that Matt [Sorum] has played or whatever, we locked — we just clicked. So I don’t think there really is a difference between the two musically.”

Asked if Matt and Steven’s drumming styles were noticeably dissimilar, Gilby said: “Absolutely. Look, Matt is a powerhouse. There’s nothing Matt can’t do. Matt hits harder — he’s got more snap — so the snare sound different. Steven doesn’t hit as hard as him, but Steven has this kind of swing. And Steven plays with the guitar, where Matt, we play to Matt. Matt lays it down and we play to Matt.”