Guns N’ Roses Last World Tour Rumor Revealed


Fans have speculated that Guns N’ Roses’ concert at Hard Rock Live Florianópolis in São José on Sunday, September 18 might be their last tour.

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One of the fans, FabioRoses on the Guns N’ Roses forum noted that “on Florianopolis poster there is something written about a “Last Chance” to see them. Did anyone catch that?” Another responded to him saying that it is not what seems like. The fan said, “No it’s not. It’s just advertisement.”  While another said: “Nope, they’ll go on along as possible” 

Axl Rose joined Carrie Underwood on stage

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose recently joined county-pop superstar Carrie Underwood on stage Saturday night (April 30) at the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio, California to perform his band’s classic songs “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City”.

Carrie performed the opening verse and chorus of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with her band before telling the crowd: “Welcome to the greatest night of my life. Give it up for Axl Rose!” They then immediately launched into “Paradise City”, with Underwood telling the audience: “You thought we were finished?”

Back in 2015, Underwood told E! in an interview with she really wanted to sing with Rose at some point in her life. She said: “I’ve covered enough Guns N’ Roses stuff, and it was people like him who taught me how to sing.”

“I look at people like him and Freddie Mercury, those people who were doing all these crazy runs. It was so different,” Underwood added. In 2013, Underwood delivered a faithful cover of “Paradise City” at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville.