Pearl Jam Reveal The Who Tragedy To Fans


Recently, from Pearl Jam’s show in Oakland on Friday, it was noted that The Who will be playing in Cincinnati for the first time since the tragedy on Dec 3, 1979. The Who concert disaster was a crowd disaster that occurred on December 3, 1979, when British rock band The Who performed at Riverfront Coliseum (now known as Heritage Bank Center) in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, and a rush of concert-goers outside the Coliseum’s entry doors resulted in the deaths of 11 people.

The band wishes they could have gone to be with the band this weekend but because of the virus owing to the pandemic, they can’t be there to support and send their love to their friends who helped and supported Pearl Jam when they had their own tragic event. The band frontman Eddie Vedder asked the crowd to send all the love in the room to Pete and Roger.

Pearl Jam recently roped-in new member for live shows

Josh Klinghoffer from Red Hot Chili Peppers is officially part of Pearl Jam’s live lineup. The first official photo with Josh was recently posted by the band on Twitter. It was previously reported that Josh would be a live member for Pearl Jam on their 2022 tour, as he was for their select 2021 performances.

Previously, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard said that having Klinghoffer as a member of the band was a great experience and lavished praise on the musician. “Having Josh Klinghoffer playing with us, he’s an amazing musician and a total sweetheart. He plays all these little cool parts that we wrote for Gigaton and he can sing all those background parts. Having him involved makes the band sound so full.”

Pearl Jam launched their 2022 tour in San Diego on May 3 marking their first live performance of the year. Band frontman Eddie Vedder began the concert with a solo performance of Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me in Your Heart,” and then introduced the show’s opener, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who played with his solo band Pluralone before joining Pearl Jam for the rest of the evening. (Klinghoffer will perform with the band for the entirety of the tour.)

Pearl Jam then performed a 24-song set that included classics like “Better Man,” “Jeremy” and “Daughter,” as well as songs from their most recent album, 2020’s Gigaton, including “Retrograde,” “Who Ever Said” and “Dance of the Clairvoyants.”