Former Guns N’ Roses Member Compares Band To Ex-Girlfriends: ‘I’ve Seen Too Much’


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal was interviewed last week on Eddie Trunk’s show on SiriusXM. Bumblefoot said that he “heard things” about a possible reunion of Guns N’ Roses prior to his 2014 exit from the band, but that it wasn’t what made him decide to leave. “No, I was [already] done,” he said. “I was burned out on it. I was. I was doing more harm than good staying at that point.”

Bumblefoot said he has no desire to see the reunited Guns N’ Roses: “No, that would be weird, man. Would you go to your ex-girlfriend’s wedding? It’s kind of like that. It’s just kind of weird. I know too much. I’ve seen too much. I’ve been on the other side of the stage, and it’s not like it ended pretty — for me. I don’t have [any hard feelings] now, but at the time, there was a volatility, yeah.”

He said that despite this, he does not regret his time in the band.

“You could look at anything and say, ‘What if I took a different path? What if I did different things? What if I said no and did this instead? What if I just focused on my solo stuff or producing or film and TV music?’

“But your life is your life and whatever decisions you made, they were based on who you were, who you are and what was supposed to happen.

“So, do I regret it? No. Absolutely not. If you had asked me three years ago, I would have a different answer. But, no. I got to be part of making millions of people cheer and enjoy themselves. It’s wonderful.”