Guns N’ Roses Member Fanboying Over One Direction Will Shock You


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has shared a photo of himself wearing a One Direction t-shirt with his wife Susan Holmes-McKagan.

In 2014 a fake Slash quote was circulated with him trashing One Direction, comparing them to Justin Bieber. Slash responded to the fake quote at the time saying, “I have to set the record straight; I never said this. It’s a complete fabrication. I’ve heard of this group. But have never ‘heard’ them.”

Ahead of the Guns N’ Roses show tonight at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium, Duff McKagan stopped by the Clockwork Steampunk Emporium with his wife Susan, reports.

Store owner Paula Lester-Garcia said she didn’t recognise the rocker at first.

“He just looked like any other guy, but then I got talking to them,” Lester-Garcia said.

“The first thing I asked, which is what I always ask any customer, is how do you know about Steampunk? And they explained that they were from Seattle and it’s quite popular there.”

“He was just looking around and his wife said ‘you should really get a hat!’, and he said ‘I’m not so sure if I suit hats’.

“The first thing he tried on was this white helmet, and I said what about a top hat? He said, ‘No, no I can’t have top hat, one of the other members of the band is really well known for his top hat’.”

McKagan went for a black bowler hat by the Petone-based company Hills Hats, which retails at NZ$165.

“We have a luxury version and I thought afterwards I should have sold them the luxury version, they could afford it!”

“I was telling the wife to try on a corset but she said she wasn’t feeling very good and might come back today.

“I gave her a brochure and said she should tell Slash because I’m sure he’d like a hat. If he came in today, that would be pretty cool.”