Eddie Vedder Reveals Supergroup With Dave Grohl


Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is having a very busy 2022 with the release of his brand-new solo album ‘Earthling’. It’s the first solo album for the iconic frontman since 2011’s Ukulele Songs and is jam-packed with star-studded collaborations from Ringo Starr to Stevie Wonder. During a recent interview on the Smartless podcast, which is hosted by another group of A-listers in their own respect – Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman.

A top WWE legend recently laid the Smackdown on Eddie Vedder. Vedder discussed the early days of touring by telling a time where he would perform with Dave and Nirvana member Pat Smear along with Mike Watt during the infancy of the Foo Fighters. Alternative Nation transcribed the following quote.

Vedder: He [Dave Grohl] gave me tape long before it was out, I think it just said “this side”. I didn’t give him any notes on it, it was pretty much done. Their first tour it was Dave, myself, and Mike Watt. We were supporting Mike Watt who had just put out a great record with a lot of collaborations. So when we took it on the road it would be me, Dave, and Watt at the end of the night as a three-piece. Pat Smear would join us, etc. Following that, I would start playing drums with a little three-piece and the Foo Fighters would play. That was, like, their very first tour. I want to say that was twenty-eight shows in thirty days. This 1980s icon recently went after Eddie Vedder.

In other news regarding Eddie Vedder, during the Pearl Jam frontman’s solo show in Newark, New Jersey, Vedder gave the origin behind the track “Brother the Cloud,”, which came out recently. While many have speculated it was about the death of his friend Chris Cornell, Vedder stated it about written for another heartfelt reason as explained below – victims of gun violence

“I got a text today from a friend, whom we had a friend in common. That friend in common… actually, I met him because they were both dads — they were both Sandy Hook dads. I met three of them once, and the one that I kind of immediately got closest to, he worked in neuroscience, had a great wife, and a great daughter. Her name was Avielle,” the singer explained.

Vedder continued:

“He tried to be positive about it, he’d go around and speak and do some seminars and conferences, etc. We became really close, I reckon, over about three years. We talked in November and he was gonna come visit in January or maybe early February,”