Guns N’ Roses Member Reveals Who ‘Sabotaged’ Band


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan discussed the band’s early days in a new Rich Eisen interview.

Duff: So, I think I noticed a big difference when I moved here – no competition, no sharing of ideas, no sharing of ‘hey I got this new riff on the guitar, I’ll show it to you’. There was none of that, it was just hide and try to, you know, these bands would just try and sabotage our gear. Good luck with that. They would try and put flyers over our flyers, you know you would just get done putting up fliers all around Hollywood and you’d come back the next day and someone would put a flyer over you. That didn’t last long with other bands, if it was gonna be competition and if you want to play it like that, we were kind of the wrong band to do that with in 85, 86.

Eisen: Why is that?

Duff: We weren’t here to play around, you know? None of us went to L.A. to play around. You wanna play kids games?

Eisen: Axl’s insane?

Duff: Oh yeah, he didn’t take it sitting down.