Guns N’ Roses New Use Your Illusion Album Leaks In Video


The Use Your Illusion boxset is set to hit the online outlets and big-box stores this November. While there have not been any official word on the exact date, someone has just leaked some very surface level details to Guns N’ Roses fans.

If you are a fan of Gun N’ Roses, then you may be very fond of Use Your Illusion. The album was packed with hits with one of the most notable being, ‘Live And Let Die,’. Now, years after the album has been out, a whole new spin on the album is being made.

It seems like the all new boxset will have b-sides, rarities, live shows, and maybe a remaster on the official tracks. Guns N’ Roses have not exactly given much information on what we should expect or when the exact date of release will be, but they have posted up ‘You Could Be Mine’ live from 1991 at The Ritz.

The reason why some suspect this could be a boxset and include a lot that fans want to hear is that the album art which was posted up on YouTube seems to lean towards the side of something new. The album art is a little different from the original work on the original pressing of the record.

Not all fans are buying into the idea of a boxset, though. Some fans believe that instead of a boxset, this will be a vinyl edition of the album. If that’s the case, then it’s not very telling what all it will include. It’s hard to really pinpoint how Guns N’ Roses will play this. Vinyl still has its niche circle of collectors, but if they are looking to do a CD boxset, then it may be a bit harder to sell as that market has all but been emaciated for years.