Guns N’ Roses’ Original New Album Plan Will Surprise You: ‘Axl Spent A Lot Of Time In Studio’


MyGNRForum administrator downzy recently wrote about Axl Rose working on Guns N’ Roses’ new album in 2014 and 2015 in new MYGNRForum posts.

“A lot of effort on Axl’s part went into finishing off many unreleased material in 2014-2015. When Bumble and Ashba left, it kind of left the entire operation in a lurch. There was an internally established goal within the camp to get something out in 2016. That plan was ultimately abandoned once Slash and Duff rejoined the band.

People may always want to believe it’s just Axl, but other egos play a factor. I’m sure Ron and others who left are nice people in their own way, but many have their own issues when it comes to working with others.”

downzy later posted more about the new material.

“It’s not up to debate, as I have first-hand knowledge that Axl was spending a ton of time in the studio in 2015 working on finishing off material that was previously recorded and worked on. Bumblefoot is probably correct in his own assessment that nothing was being written, but that’s from his own perspective. It appears that he just wasn’t involved in the song-writing process for reasons that only Axl could divulge.

We can debate over whether anything was ever going to come out, but my response was to your assertion that ‘new music has been given up on completely.’ If Axl had given up completely, he wouldn’t have been spending all the time working on the material in the vault. I go back to Axl’s interview with Kurt Loder from 1999 where he says he’s not putting in all this work to bury it. We might not care for the timeline that Axl operates with, but I believe he sees an end game while he’s in the studio or composing at his piano.”