Skrillex Will Open For Guns N’ Roses, Along With Other Surprising Acts


Guns N’ Roses have announced that Skrillex, The Cult, Billy Talent, and Chris Stapleton will open for them at select shows this summer on the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour. Watch the video below.

Guns N’ Roses drummer Frank Ferrer discussed Steven Adler and Matt Sorum in a new interview with Music Radar. He also discussed carrying on their ‘spirit.’

“I really try to keep the spirit of the way the song was played,” Frank explains. “When we play the Appetite… stuff I try to have the push and pulls. Steven’s punk rock bits are great.

“Adler’s playing was one of the greatest rock drumming performances in the history of music. You can put it in the top ten. His playing on Appetite… is perfect. Then with Sorum it’s a little more tight and more reserved kind of playing. I do try to keep that spirit, though.”

“I have tremendous respect for the drummers in Guns N’ Roses. I love Brain so much. What Brain told me was to try and make the songs my own. I never forget that. Obviously my own personality comes through, especially on some of the funkier stuff. I might give a more New York hip hop kind of feel to it.”