Guns N’ Roses Painful New Album Bombshell Leaks


Guns N’ Roses spring/summer 2022 European tour wrapped on July 15 in Hanover, Germany. The band will pick up again in September in South America. It has been reported that the band is working on a new studio album — the first under the Guns banner since 2008’s “Chinese Democracy” and the first to feature Axl Rose, Slash and Duff  McKagan since 1993.

An image has been making the rounds on other forums. It has led some to speculate there will be no new single this year, since this is specifically marketed towards the Japanese tour.

You can check out the picture below:

The band recently released a new four-song EP, “Hard Skool”, in February. The effort, which is exclusive to the band’s official store, contains the two new songs the band released last year — the title track and “Absurd” (stylized as “ABSUЯD”) — as well as live versions of “Don’t Cry” and “You’re Crazy”.

Chris Weber reveals Guns N’ Roses drew inspiration from Aerosmith to produce a hit song

Guns N’ Roses’ starting point was the glam metal band Hollywood Rose featuring Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, and Chris Weber. The guitarist didn’t continue with them as the singer fired him due to a stage accident before founding GN’R.

Some songs they recorded as demos were used in GN’R’s works later, and their debut studio album named ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ which they dropped on July 21, 1987, was one of them.

In the first record, Rose, Weber, and Stradlin had written and composed ‘Anything Goes,’ and in his conversation, Chris Weber opened up about the creation process. The guitar player admitted that Aerosmith’s seventh studio album, ‘Rock in a Hard Place,’ which was the record that Joe Perry didn’t contribute to and Jimmy Crespo performed the guitar parts, inspired him a lot while working on the song’s riff.

Chris Weber shared his ideas, saying:

“That riff, I was inspired by ‘Rock in a Hard Place’ by Aerosmith, which is still one of my favorite records. It was just the feel of it, the guitar playing – it was Jimmy Crespo on that record – and he just wrote such a great record. It was inspiring. I think ‘Anything Goes’ was inspired by some of the riffs I liked from that record.”

“I just wanted it to sound like that; kind of groovy, more in the pocket. So, I came up with the riffs, and Izzy wrote his part over the top because the guitars don’t play the same part. The original version has a faster verse than the one on the record, so they ended up changing that, and then it was the same chorus.”