Rush Fan Reveals Neil Peart ‘Angry’ Sickness Rant


Conservative firebrand Meghan McCain recently commented on the death of recently deceased Rush drummer Neil Peart. Peart recently passed away this past month due to battle with brain cancer. John Lennon’s son makes Neil Peart ‘teen boy’ claim.

The View co-host co-hostess took the opportunity to lament his passing and urge others to donate to charity in his honor writing the following on Twitter: “Gutted to hear Neil Peart of Rush’s passing. No one should have to suffer and die from the evil of glioblastoma. Sending all my strength, love and prayers to his family, band & fans. F*** CANCER Please donate to Barrow Neuro to help find a cure:!/donation/checkout”

Neil Peart’s daughter breaks silence on Rush drummer. In other news regarding Neil Peart fans over at TheRushForum reacted to the untimely passing of the iconic Rush drummer. Rush-O-Matic posted: ” I’m 51 and have been listening to Rush, going to a bunch of live shows, drawing inspiration from Neil’s lyrics, and reading his books for most of my life. Of course, we were not friends, and I did not know him. But, the grief is real. I have lost a loved on. Hugs all around to you guys, and crank up some of his badass drumming. ”

While Running Rebel said: “It’s been a long time since I was around, but I have many great friends from this forum who I know are sharing my grief at this sad news.  For me and many others Neil authored the soundtrack of our lives.  It’s added sadness knowing he has a young daughter that he idolized and in which wanted to spend time.   I was talking the last few days about him having just bought tickets for the The Rush Project (cover band) in my hometown.  I was questioning for a while why he wasn’t writing blogs or books.   I am shocked and deeply saddened.   If the measure of a life is love and respect, then truly he was the treasure to us all.  His influence will live on.”  Neil Peart’s final public words to Geddy Lee before dying were revealed not too long ago.