Guns N’ Roses Planning Massive Stadium Shows


Loaded magazine is reporting that Guns N’ Roses are expected to headline a string of shows at Wembley Stadium. The band are also expected to headline major festivals in the U.K., with Download and Isle of Wight rumored. Other sources have stated that Reading and Leeds could feature Guns N’ Roses on their lineups, but this report disputes that claim.

The report contradicts the claims though that the reunion tour will take place in 2016, and states that it will take place in 2017 so Rose and Slash have time to fulfill existing commitments. Loaded states that Rose is believed to want to play more gigs in 2016 to show some loyalty to his existing bandmates, who have toured under the Guns N’ Roses name ever since guitarist Slash and fellow original members Duff McKagan and Steven Adler left during the 1990’s.

Loaded’s source said: “The simple truth is that Glastonbury doesn’t pay enough money to its headliners for GN’R to consider playing there. Also, Michael Eavis doesn’t have many hard rock acts at Glastonbury and everyone in the camp wants the comeback to be as hard and heavy as possible.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus was interviewed a few days ago by Social Magazine, and Alternative Nation has transcribed some quotes from the interview.

“Guns N’ Roses will probably be doing something next year.” He added, “Hopefully you’ll be able to see both bands [Guns N’ Roses and Dead Daisies].”

Fortus said he has a great relationship with Axl Rose. “We get along really well. We come from a very similar place as far as our influences. We definitely relate on that level, and I think essentially with Axl, ultimately that’s all that really matters, the music. If we relate on that point, then everything else sort of falls into place.”

Fortus has been rumored to be part of a ‘hybrid’ Guns N’ Roses reunion lineup with Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, and Frank Ferrer. He said he was surprised when he was asked to join Guns N’ Roses in 2001.

“To be honest with you, it sort of wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t into metal as a kid, I was sort of a punk rock kid, and all of the bands I was in were all very different, they weren’t metal. So when I first got that call, I thought it was unusual, but it sort of made sense because of the people who were in that band at the time. Robin from Nine Inch Nails, Tommy from The Replacements, Brain from Primus, those were all guys that I knew, the same type of genre I was in, so it sort of made sense. Axl really wanted that, a diverse type of thing, he didn’t just want guys who were LA metal guys. GNR always had roots in punk rock as well.”

He also revealed that he heard that Axl Rose sang his vocals on Chinese Democracy in less than a week, and that surrounding issues were what were blocking the release of the album. He also discussed his longevity in GNR.

“I never really thought about it, and I’ve always done other things as well. I have to work, I have to do stuff, otherwise I get really depressed, if I’m not working, so I’ve always done other things, and it always keeps it sort of fresh, when you can step outside something and then come back to it. You have a new sense of appreciation for it, and a new perspective to add to it.”