Guns N’ Roses Release Mysterious ‘The Machine Is Back At It’ Video


Guns N’ Roses released a mysterious new video on YouTube titled “The Machine Is Back At It” yesterday on YouTube, before quickly deleting it. The description for the video read:

Music video for #GnFnR 2017… The Machine Is Back At It performed by Guns N’ Roses.

Fans have also reported seeing the commercial on AT&T’s Game Show Network. You can watch it below.

Towards the end of an interview with Nova Radio Newcastle (via Team Rock), filmed by EzeazPi, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot is told the camera operator is a Buckethead fan.

He says: “You don’t have to choose – you can have us both. Tell you what, he’ll play guitar, I’ll sing, then I’ll harmonise and we’ll sort it out. We’ll make something special together.

“I’ll give a shout to Mr Buckethead. Hello! We met long ago, before you joined Guns, before I joined Guns. We were going to make some music together in the late 90s. Never happened.

“But if you ever want to do it, find me. I would love to work with you. While we can – seriously, life is short.

“Right now, on the other side of the camera, they’re going, ‘Yes! Yes!’ But I would love to. Bucket, you’re a phenomenal musician and someday, if you want to make music together, I’d love to find a way to pull that off.”