Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Honors Communist Dictator Fidel Castro


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello paid tribute to Cuba’s former communist dictator Fidel Castro on Twitter. Castro died last night at the age of 90. Morello tweeted, “In Cuba Audioslave visited former country club turned free school for gifted musicians. #RIPFidel #Vivalarevolucion.”

Thousands of Cuban Americans have taken to Little Havana in Florida to celebrate the death of the dictator, waving Cuban and American flags.

“We’re celebrating the end of a man who separated so many families throughout the years,” one woman told CBS News, “a man who killed many, who imprisoned many individuals just for thinking differently and not believing in his revolution, like my father, who was a political prisoner in Cuba.”

“For many years, I didn’t get to live my early years of my childhood with my father because of Fidel Castro and his regime. Therefore, I am glad. I am glad that he’s gone. I’m just sorry that he’s gone before he’s able to see a free Cuba because Cuba’s gonna be free. And I think that would’ve been the ultimate slap in the face for him to have been alive with a free Cuba.”

“We’re all celebrating, this is like a carnival,” said 72-year-old Jay Fernandez, who came to Miami when he was 18 in 1961. He and his wife and another woman held up a bilingual sign he’d made four years ago when Castro first became ill. “Satan, Fidel is now yours. Give him what he deserves. Don’t let him rest in peace.”

Wrote Valentin Prieto, a prominent Cuban-American blogger, on Facebook: “A few hours of sleep tonight is the very last thing Fidel Castro will ever rob me of.”