Guns N’ Roses’ Slash Breaks No Photos With Fans Policy For Awesome Reason


Subtle Signs posted on MyGNRForum a thread titled ‘How we got Slash to break his no photos with fans rule in Buffalo!’ Read his post below:

“It seems as though it is easier these days to get a photo with Axl than it is with Slash. I am still trying to get pictures with as many GNR members as possible. I am up to about 18 members or so now. Over the NITL tour I have had Slash tell me no for a photo around 3 different times. Hey,that’s life and if that were my biggest problem I’d be a lucky guy. The night before the show in Buffalo I met fans from Germany and Colombia. When we saw Slash pull in ,he waved but went inside the hotel only to come out a minute later after my new friend yelled ‘Slash, I came from Colombia!’

Slash still said no photos as he began to sign for the two of us that had items. He gave in to the photo after the girls from Germany and the dude from Colombia asked again. The whole thing only lasted a couple minutes but it made my day knowing I helped these kids meet their idol. I now just need a photo with Izzy and I’ll have the AFD 5.”

Subtle Signs later posted, “I’m owed a good performance if I buy a ticket and the quality of a performance in and of itself is subjective. Anything else like a picture or autograph is just a bonus. I’ve been turned down by Axl and Slash several times before finally getting them and not once would them saying no have any effect on my love of the music or them being my favorite band.”