Steven Tyler Terrible Haircut Photo Revealed, Is He Gray?


Steven Tyler is coming to town! Over the holidays Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler fronted this very seasonal Santa outfit to get into the holiday season, although we’re pretty certain his disguise with new hair isn’t fooling anyone. The outfit comes complete with traditional Santa garb, although you can clearly see his hair poking out and a beard that is ever so too thin for the job. You can view the photo below. Steven Tyler daughter ‘painful’ David Bowie secret revealed.

Steven Tyler’s ‘bloated’ full stomach on Christmas was just revealed in a photo. In other news regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith fans recently took to social media to review and look back on one of the group’s most iconic album’s – Toys in the Attic. One fan wrote: “Toys In The Attic, outside of two songs, is basically a greatest hits package. I can’t think of another band that’s been able to pull that off except Creedence. Not bad for America’s answer to the Rolling Stones.”

The fan continued: “Going through this album after having it sitting on the shelf for a couple of decades, was just a matter of getting through it to do this review, basically, since all I had to do was either turn on any FM classic rock station or go to Sirius XM Ozzie’s Boneyard or one of the other XM stations and I can probably hear every song but the last two on the album in a single day. To me, that’s pretty good for a band to make an album that hits that big. Plus, seeing as how I’m not totally sick of them like so many other bands, I guess that says something. Highly recommended.” Steven Tyler discussing a woman ‘abuse’ claim was detailed earlier this week.