Guns N’ Roses’ Slash Embarrassed At Guitar Store


Guitars and Guns ‘N Roses just seem to fit together. That would be because of the legendary guitar player, Slash who has helped pave the way for many big hat-wearing, sunglass dawning, riff machines out there far and wide. You would think that someone who can easily play for a million people or more on a stage would have no problem showing off his skills at the local Guitar Center, right? Crazily enough – you would be wrong. Slash has recently stated that he is very insecure about his guitar playing in such an intimate place and he’s very bothered by feeling such away. Slash was ’embarrassed’ by this classic rock icon.

Slash was the first Gibson guitar ambassador an ad on Instagram recently said. Slash has toured the world and always with his lucky Les Paul that many fans know and love. Slash has been the reason for so many of those guitars being sold. Even after Slash took a step back from the mainstream, fans knew him from Guitar Hero and would then learn about him and try to get their hands on a guitar just like his.

Funny enough, Slash wasn’t always the one everyone chased after. He was very shy and often wouldn’t play in front of anyone at all.

Slash stated in an interview: “When I was 17 or 18 I used to work in [a guitar store]. All these guys used to come in while I’d be working, pick up guitars and play their latest Randy Rhoads stuff for two hours, just sitting on an amp. It was crazy. I was never that guy.”

He closes: “[I] never liked playing in front of people in a store. So when I did go to a store, I was always looking for something specific. Then I’d tinker with it for a second and put it down because I felt very self-conscious if anybody was there. I’m still like that.”