Slash ‘Embarrassed’ By Led Zeppelin Icon On Bus


It is always a wonderful feeling to meet up with the heroes. The legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash also had a great moment similar to it when he met his guitar hero. However, sometimes it can be quite embarrassing.

Slash recently joined in for an interview with Matt Pinfield over at 95.5 KLOS and he talked about how one should act when meeting guitar heroes.

Slash recalls his first meeting with Jimmy Page

The Guns N’ Roses icon recalled about a show he performed with Velvet Revolver at Hammersmith back in 2005. He revealed that till that time, he hadn’t meet Jimmy Page and Brian May, who showed up at the gig.

He stated, “…they’re lovely guys really, really down to earth. And I was really happy to meet them and also to find that they were so, sort of, human. But I’ll never forget that as being one of the most intimidating shows I ever did.”

He was then asked if they come up to the band members. Slash revealed that Jimmy Page came up when the guitarist was asleep on the bus and it was quite embarrassing for him. Here is what he recalled:

“Jimmy came up to… I was asleep on the bus. And our tour manager directed him over to the bus and he actually came to the bus door. And that it was how we first met. And then and then Brian, I saw backstage afterward, right before we went on. And then those guys both sit on the side and stage while we play. And I saw them afterward. So it was an entire day.”