Guns N’ Roses’ Slash May Have Written Riff To A Chinese Democracy Song


GNREvolution has pointed out that a very familiar riff was played by Slash at Guns N’ Roses’ concert in Japan on December 10, 1988. Slash can be heard playing a riff that sounds strikingly familiar to the opening riff to the title track off of Chinese Democracy, which was released 20 years later in November 2008. Is it just a coincidence? Listen below, and judge for yourself!

“The day after Rock In Rio 2001 Axl and I were at the pool and he mentioned that there was a possibility that Slash could have played on a few tracks for Chinese Democracy if he were willing to apologize in the press for the things that he said about Axl publicly. Axl was cracking the door open and saying to me, ‘If Slash apologizes publicly for the things he said about me in the press I have three songs that he could play on the new album’.” (Marc Canter, Legendary Rock Interviews, 04/22/12)