Guns N’ Roses’ Slash Reacts To Breakup Rumors


Slash reacted to rumors that Guns N’ Roses’ reunion could break up his band with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in a new Consequence of Sound interview.

“I never planned on disbanding the Conspirators, even when the Guns thing first came up. And that’s because I’ve been playing with [The Conspirators] for almost 10 years now and we had some material that we’d started working on and it’s too fun and too cool a thing, and it’s very much under the radar, too.

It’s like whereas Guns N’ Roses is a major high profile act and all that, Conspirators is pretty small and down-to-earth and stripped down. I think I enjoy that side of things. So, even with Guns, where you go out and do this epic, huge, large tour, I still love doing these smaller kind of things and it’s just very sort of bare bones. So, it’s a great vehicle for that.”

He later said, “I actually didn’t have any expectations. My biggest concern was the band itself. Obviously, having patched things up with Axl was a huge thing. I mean that was like a way bigger priority then how successful the tour was going to be. And then we got into it initially with like four or five shows in mind, and see if we could survive that. So then it started to snowball — no one knew what the anticipation level of those first five shows was gonna be until we did them. And it just went from there.”

He added about a new GNR album, “There’s a handful of gigs that are happening at the very end of September and through October, so [Louder Than Life is] just one of them. And then it’s really just focusing on getting a new record done.”

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan’s wife Susan Holmes McKagan was recently interviewed on the fan podcast Appetite for Distortion.

“Susan Holmes McKagan joins us to talk about her first novel, The Velvet Rose. Set in the 90’s, she draws upon her real-life experiences with husband Duff McKagan for this coming-of-age story. Susan tells us all about the hard work and inspiration put into her new book. She also shares how she and Duff met, as well as her feelings about the Not in This Lifetime tour.

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Listen to “Susan Holmes McKagan talks The Velvet Rose, Duff Love, and GNR Work Ethic – Ep. 116” on Spreaker.