Van Halen Icon Makes ‘Bone Chilling’ Led Zeppelin Claim


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar discussed playing with Led Zeppelin reunion show drummer Jason Bonham in The Circle in a new Forbes interview.

Drummer Jason Bonham is the son of perhaps rock and roll’s greatest drummer – Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. He’s gone to great lengths to embrace the legacy he’s been bequeathed, taking over for his father alongside the living members of Led Zeppelin during the “Celebration Day” concert in 2007 and leading the group Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening.

Zeppelin is another element Bonham and Hagar incorporate on Space Between.

“Jason gave me [a copy of Led Zeppelin’s] ‘When the Levee Breaks’ with John Bonham playing the drums – just the drums. I cranked it up in my studio, put a Les Paul [guitar] through a Marshall [amp] and I wrote the song ‘Can’t Hang’ to that. I actually wrote that song to John Bonham’s [drum] track on ‘Levee,’” explained Hagar of his collaboration with Jason Bonham on the new Circle track and the influence of John Bonham on it. “Jason’s on the road with his band and he goes in the studio on Father’s Day – on Father’s Day, with his dad’s drum track, and he put a new drum track on there. And it’s bone chilling. When I heard it I thought, ‘His Dad was there, boy.’”

Jason Bonham has apologized to Jimmy Page after accusing him on The Howard Stern Show of giving him cocaine on a hotel room when he was 16.

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin – An Apology

“On or about 9 April 2019 I, Jason Bonham, gave an interview on radio with Howard Stern (the Interview). In that interview I made certain untrue and derogatory statements concerning Mr. James Page (aka Jimmy Page) of the legendary band Led Zeppelin.

I unconditionally retract all derogatory and defamatory comments relating to Mr. J Page that I made in that interview. In particular it is wholly untrue that Mr. J Page offered me any illegal substances either when I was a minor or at all. I apologize to Mr. Page, unreservedly, for making these unfounded and untrue comments about him. Out of my long held respect for Mr. Page I will make no further comments on the Interview and I agree to make no further comments which Mr. Page might view as disparaging, either now or in the future.”