Pearl Jam Rumored Summer 2020 Tour Revealed


Pearl Jam are rumored to be in the midst of a tour in June 2020, possibly in Europe, insider dimitrispearljam has posted on the Ten Club boards. Eddie Vedder recently debuted a new song called “I’ll Be Waiting.”

Lerxst1992 posted, “I thought for sure one of the summertime rumors meant we’d get real news by mid October. Now that its here its crickets again. With a six month lag for an album release we are burning thru April 2020 it seems. If that’s so they’re off the road 42 of 44 months. So why do I keep looking?

When those 7 US shows were added in 2018 it seemed to be an immediate buildup to their forthcoming release. Now it seems like “hey we’re probably gonna be off the road 2 years so we should do something in the states before then.”

Eddie Vedder ‘messed up’ a Pearl Jam classic a couple of weeks ago. mrk2 said, “Gothenburg Ullevi Stadium has had to move some junior athletic competitions to another date from the usual weekend (one week after midsummer – June 26-28) because some major act needs the stadium. Local newspapers are guessing that it is either Springsteen or Iron Maiden, but what if…

dimitrispearljam chimed in, “is not it seems .pj will be that date somewhere else.” darwinstheory wrote, “Sooo…I have to turn in my vacation request form for next year in 2 weeks. I’m going somewhere. It’s up to PJ if I am going somewhere to see them.”

BlueLedbetter said, “If there are European shows the announcement is usually late November or early December.” Rey posted, “Isn’t Glastonbury that same weekend? Or, maybe PJ will be at the Plissken Festival in Athens.” Pearl Jam made a disturbing death announcement earlier this month.

PearlJamOnline is reporting that Pearl Jam could play the Imola Autodrome in July in Italy.