Guns N Roses Two New Songs Finally Revealed?


When Guns N’ Roses released their highly anticipated album “Chinese Democracy” in 2008, it marked a significant chapter in the band’s history. While the album received mixed reviews, it was clear that the creative process behind it had been a labor of love spanning more than a decade. Now, the rumors of Guns N’ Roses including unreleased tracks from the Chinese Democracy era, such as “The General” and “Perhaps,” on their touring setlist and potentially releasing them this year, have sparked excitement among fans worldwide. This move could not only breathe new life into their performances but also shed light on the band’s enduring musical journey.

Thanks to Reddit, “The General” and “Perhaps” are like hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed. They represent a time when Guns N’ Roses was in a period of musical exploration, pushing boundaries and redefining their sound. The Chinese Democracy era was known for its extensive recording sessions and numerous lineup changes, all of which contributed to the album’s mythical status. Including these unreleased tracks on their setlist would be like opening a musical time capsule, allowing fans to experience the evolution and diversity of Guns N’ Roses’ music firsthand.

In a recent video, we saw the band doing a soundcheck with ‘Perhaps’ and now, in the photos below, we can see ‘The General’ faintly in the background.

The inclusion of these unreleased tracks in Guns N’ Roses’ touring setlist could infuse a fresh energy into their live performances. Fans who have been following the band for decades have longed to hear the band perform these songs in a live setting. By resurrecting the spirit of the Chinese Democracy era, Guns N’ Roses would not only pay homage to their artistic journey but also engage and captivate audiences with material that has remained elusive for so long.

While Chinese Democracy received mixed reactions upon its release, the passage of time has allowed fans and critics to reevaluate the album’s significance. With the benefit of hindsight, many have recognized its musical merits and its place within Guns N’ Roses’ discography. By releasing “The General” and “Perhaps” this year, the band has an opportunity to redefine the narrative surrounding this era and perhaps win over skeptics who doubted its worth.

This presents an opportunity for the band to revisit a significant period in their history, revive their live performances with fresh material, and reclaim the narrative surrounding the Chinese Democracy era. Most importantly, it is a chance for Guns N’ Roses to honor their devoted fans who have stood by them through thick and thin.