Guy Freedom English’s “Burn” Is One Of Alternative Nation’s Top 10 2018 Songs


If you ask me for three adjectives to describe Guy Freedom English’s latest single, “Burn”, one of Alternative Nation’s top 10 rock songs of 2018, I’d probably go with catchy, classy and corrupting. Catchy is the easy one here. Immediately, from that opening guitar riff, you are nodding your head in sync with that bass drum. The vocal melodies in the verse and the big beginning to the chorus vocal line are both equally catchy, addicting and were written with the demand you sing along.

Speaking of the vocals, you can hear a Bon Scott-era AC/DC influence and it’s glorious. It’s over the top in the best way possible and the energy in the vocals matches the fun intensity of the music and together it makes “Burn” really burn.

And lastly corrupting. The reason why “Burn” is corrupting is because this song will possess you. It will find a spot in your head and firmly lodge itself into your brain leaving you no choice but to hum this long after the third time in a row you listened to it initially. And you know what else- grab your air guitars fellas because you will be miming your finest impression of a lead guitarist along with the song’s solo. That one run- you’ll know what I mean as soon as you hear it- wild!

Guy Freedom English is simply a master craftsman of straight forward guitar rock with a garage-band vibe and one hell of a knack for writing crazy, infectious songs. “Burn” has also been entered into the 2018 Independent Music Awards; deservedly so.