Taylor Momsen ‘Tiny’ Shorts Photo With Abs Leaks


The Pretty Reckless frontwoman, Taylor Momsen is looking toned and radiant in this newly uploaded photo where she shows off her abs. You can view this point below. Taylor Momsen tight red leather outfit photo recently leaked.

In other news regarding Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless, fans took to social media to discuss one of her group’s most acclaimed albums – ‘Going to Hell’. One fan posted: “A tall rock and roll album that reaches the roots as well as reaching fresh new heights. Each track is full of energy and bursting with creativity. At heart, its a rock album with occasional excursions into acoustic riffs. The compositions are catchy, riffs tending to stay in my head for days and months, and slowly moving its way towards the songs that never ever seem to leave my subconscious (The big empty and Seven Nation Army being some songs that always stay in my head). Most importantly, Taylor’s voice is at its peak performance. It’s strong and confident and really displays a lot of range. The production is stellar, doesn’t hide any insecurities in the tracks, but seeks to display their strong points.’ Taylor Momsen tight shorts at beach photo revealed.

The fan continued: “Lyrically, The Pretty Reckless has matured, slightly. Their previous album seems to be more focused on identity and precocious sexuality, this record is more involved with violence, sinning, a predilection towards youth, and yes sexuality, but structures it into a more coherent narrative. I’ve heard Taylor Momsen likens these songs to a story, and although I haven’t uncovered what it is yet, I can hazard a guess. It seems the character she creates views the violence of the world, school shootings, church condemnation, drug use, and instead of being troubled by it, accepts it for the way it is.”

Taylor Momsen ‘bends over’ in elevator photo.  The fan concluded: “My only criticism is its standout titular track, which seems almost a rehash of “going down’ from their previous record. And looking forward to their third reveals another track of similar lyrical topics. I’m not sure how I feel about, because the rest of the record displays so much growth, it is hard to really knock it for one track.”