Here’s The Riot’s Epic ‘Tonight We’re Alive’ Combines Nirvana’s Heaviness & Guns N’ Roses’ Ambition


Here’s The Riot’s new Tonight We’re Alive was released on June 24th, and it is one of 2017’s best EP’s already.

“Love Makes Me Crazy” sounds radio ready. The verses are Nirvanaesque with a Grungy riff before the triumphant synth driven chorus that sounds like Imagine Dragons with balls.

“TTMFU” stands for ‘turn this motherfucker on,’ a hook that Paris Tompkins goes to early on during the track. The drums here have a Motley Crue Tommy Lee sound, and the vocals sound like punk rock AC/DC.

“Place For Us” strips things down to start, with Tompkins sounding a bit like Billy Corgan, before the heavy guitars and rhythm section kick in. “Place For Us” sounds like some of Aerosmith’s best power ballads. Tompkins goes full Axl Rose during a bridge later in the song.

The fourth track is a cover of David Bowie’s classic “Heroes.” The arrangement is great, it has a crunchy Foo Fightersesque guitar sound, but with a completely unique vocal sound that honors Bowie without attempting to mimic him at all. It’s reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses’ most ambitious covers, which totally reimagine classic songs.

The title track “Tonight We’re Alive” closes the EP. It is the most uptempo heavy track on the EP after two more midtempo songs. The riff sounds like Motorhead come back to life, with the vocals sounding like a metal Freddie Mercury.

Definitely make sure to check out Here’s The Riot’s Tonight We’re Alive EP, as we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about this great band in the future.