Howard Stern Yells At Scott Weiland In Leaked Video


Howard Stern has uploaded an unseen video of him and Robin Quivers ‘screaming’ at Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots in 2000, demanding they play “Interstate Love Song” after a Dean DeLeo refusal. Weiland appeared on The Howard Stern Show several times, doing interviews and performances on the show from the mid 90’s all the way up until a 2015 performance filmed just before his death. Stern discussed uploading the clip on his new show on Monday, saying it made him ‘depressed’ that Weiland is dead when watching the video.

A Red Hot Chili Peppers icon leaked a final Scott Weiland photo recently. Weiland’s final interview on the show was in 2011 before his death, where he discussed his struggles with drugs and alcohol, and claimed he had to pay $60,000 per month in child support and alimony, forcing him to continually tour with Stone Temple Pilots and solo. Alternative Nation transcribed Howard Stern, Scott Weiland, Dean DeLeo, and Robin Quivers’ comments.

Howard Stern: You guys want to do another song?

Scott Weiland: We’ll do one more song.

Howard: Alright, One more song.

Dean DeLeo: We didn’t bring the right guitar.

Howard: Why don’t you use that guitar? Who cares, it’ll sound different. Improvise, like the old days.

Robin Quivers: We’re in the garage.

Howard: Interstate Love Song!

Robin: Everybody start screaming, Interstate! Interstate! (Howard joins her screaming)

Howard: Just play! You’re on a roll! Do Interstate. You try it, if it doesn’t work, you stop. If you need me to help out, I will. A Scott Weiland bandmate recently revealed a terrible royalty payment.