Dave Grohl Makes Sad Rage Against The Machine Claim


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl claimed that Queens of the Stone Age are a better live band than Rage Against The Machine in a new Bill Simmons Podcast interview. Dave Grohl recently confirmed a Queens of the Stone Age firing.

“They are f***ing great. I’ve always said that they are, when they hit the stage, they are the best rock band in the world. Like nobody even gets close. There’s amazing live bands that write powerful songs. Rage Against The Machine, there’s amazing live bands that can make an audience go like this, The Prodigy, stuff like that. But for musicality, and as a musician, you sit and watch Queens of the Stone Age, and you are like, that’s not fair, what the f***. Everybody in the band is a f***ing bad ass, and they know it.”

Emac1211 recently posted on Reddit about a possible new RATM album, “Think there’s any chance for a new album? I’m super excited to see Rage Against the Machine and I have tickets to two shows (and part of me still wants to try to go to a third), but you know what would make it even better? If they decided to put out another album too! Think there’s any chance of them recording new music or is this just going to be a reunion tour and then they’ll disappear again for years?”

RATMAGAIN responded, “There’s always a chance, but at the same time, they haven’t released an album in 20 years. Is the music culture at the moment in their favor? Not likely.

It will likely be a “you have 4 fantastic albums, why did you do a 5th?” Regardless of how good the 5th album is, people will unfortunately compare it to their first 3 originals while the musicians have grown their styles over 20 years.” Rage Against The Machine ‘canceling’ reunion tour tickets was just revealed.