Hole Guitarist On Why We’re Living In ‘Idiocracy’ Where People Are ‘Swiping Alt-Left And Alt-Right’


Former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson recently posted the following on Facebook:

There’s no such thing as Democracy anymore. It’s an empty construct. Mere theory. Perhaps it always was. What we have now is the ultimate reflection of our greed, anger and stupidity, sitting proudly in the old white man’s office. With busy thumbs. There’s a movie starring a mound of poop. There are live streamings of suicides and cop killings. There’s extremism as a way of censorship of the Middle Way. Yes, without a doubt, we are living in the time of Idiocracy.

We know this. Do we care? What we don’t realize is that something BIG is coming. Something big, bad and beautifully awful. It’ll come from left field. Something unexpected. It could be happening already. While you’re looking down at your screen as your dog plays in the park. While you’re shooting insulin into the thick fold of skin on your diabetic cat’s neck. While you’re standing in line for Eggslut. While you’re trying to decide which selfie of you and Nick Cave to post on Instagram. While you’re swiping alt-left, alt-right. While your dreaming of insects.

But the world’s not going to end any time soon. The universe will continue to swallow itself in slow increments reminiscent of an Eno ambient piece. But it’s true. Something big, bad and terrible is coming. So you better prepare. You better be able to laugh and cry and pee your pants all at the same time. ‘Cause diapers won’t matter. The Dodgers won’t matter. Echo Park Rising won’t matter. What’s in your Wells Fargo account won’t matter. All the pretty faces and hot bods in your wank bank won’t matter. Peace, love and happiness won’t matter. Coffee won’t even matter. The only thing that will matter is the big bad awful thing that just happened. The thing that came and changed our lives forever. Making us feel interconnected again. With Nature. With each other.

And when the nasty stuff comes up in order to clear itself out, try to stay on your path. Don’t give in to doubt, judgment, fear or greed. Learn to turn poison into medicine.

And the best way to do that is to awaken your Buddha nature, and polish it daily with practice.