Freddie Mercury Throws Beer At Fans In Video


Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is one of the great performers of all time, and in a newly resurfaced concert video, he got tipsy and even threw some beer into the crowd for his fans! Freddie Mercury firing a surprising bandmate before his death for theft was recently revealed. Freddie Mercury Club recapped the video:

I love the way he holds his beer and drinks it (swishing it around his mouth as always) and then walks back to the piano to fetch his water with his other hand (the way he walks to the piano with that bare back is everything) .

The crowd cheers as Freddie picks up the water with his other hand and heads towards them because they know he’s on mischief mode now. And then in the cutest naughtiest way possible he sprinkles a little water on his adoring flowers like he’s just watering his garden. A Freddie Mercury bandmate recently revealed a sad goodbye letter.

And then just throws the whole thing among them with extra throwing hand gestures. “I keep the lager for my self.” Yeah he does, but then he gives it to the luckiest person in the audience.

“Listen I know it feels like a Cecil B. DeMille production of the Ten Commandments tonight but don’t worry about the cameramen. They’re getting paid.” Ok Freddie’s epic artistic references in the middle of a rock concert are always a delight (You get entertainment AND you learn about other stuff).

“Right now we’d like to do a song…my God it’s quiet in here!”

The crowd cheers loudly and then we have that gorgeous smile on Freddie’s face as he runs his hand through his locks of curls and adjusts his hair and displays those chiseled cheekbones as well as those killer muscles. Such a flirt 😏❤.

“It’s always like this in Hammersmith I don’t know why…are you supposed to be a sophisticated crowd? I suppose you are.” That lucky audience makes more noise…if I was there I would definitely scream at the top of my lungs or make a scene to make Freddie happy. And a little heavy breathing by Freddie at the end (because that’s what we’re all doing at this point).

P.S. Did he have to be so gorgeous and funny and sweet and witty and charismatic all at the same time? And he hasn’t even started singing yet! I love the way he talks to his crowd so intimate and relaxed…no barrier between them…like I said before the most beautiful love affair on stage. Freddie Mercury’s emotional note to his first boyfriend recently surfaced.